Ukraine is a modern, dynamically developing European country. At the same time, Ukraine has a deep historical heritage and unique culture, which goes back to the beginning of IX century when Kyiv was the capital of an ancient state Kievan Rus.
Ukraine has a great potential on a field of MICE services and in the organization of competitive touristic product.
The unique location in the heart of Europe, accesses to the two seas and two mountain ranges, presence of four different climatic regions makes it possible to hold events in Ukraine throughout the year.
Ukraine has five totally different and unique regions inside, what makes it possible to open our country every time in a new way.

Main reasons why to choose Ukraine for your next event:

Accessibility: location “in the heart of Europe”, wide range of direct flights from world destinations, loyal visa policy.
Modern infrastructure: best known world hotel brands came into Ukraine during 2010-2013 what makes our accommodation base one of the newest in Europe; totally renewed airports; reconstructed and newly build unique venues and conference centres.
Unique culture: inimitable mix of ethnic rites of Kievan Rus together with Carpathian highlanders’ culture and valiant traditions of Ukrainian Cossacks
Historical heritage: Ukraine owns 7 objects that are included into UNESCO World Heritage List
Outstanding nature: there are 40 unique landscape parks and nature reserves located in Ukraine.
Authentic cuisine: Ukrainian cuisine is well recognized in the world - borsch, chicken Kiev, varenyky will not leave you cold!
Active all year long: whatever you choose for your next incentive - sailing regatta or rafting, skiing or hiking, national programs or creative workshops, visit of film or jazz festival - everything is possible in Ukraine.
Open and friendly people: you will feel truly hospitality in each corner of the country.